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About Lo


My Story

About 13 years ago I injured my ankle hiking Piestewa peak. It hardly hurt at the moment but over time, a mass of 'stuff' collected around my ankle and restricted its movement. I had many friends who participated in yoga but never thought I was the type. Finally, a friend piqued my curiosity. I joined a class at InnerVision yoga and then I was hooked. 

Once I committed to a consistent practice I started to notice that I could stretch deeper into a pose called the Hero's Pose (a pose that stretches the ankle considerably). Soon I was able to lie all the way down and better yet, the mass around my ankle had completely disappeared and I was able to restore it to a complete range of motion. This was when I realized the healing power of yoga. I continue at InnerVision to this very day and received my yoga certification through the masters that teach there. 

My Vision

I believe that yoga is a great tool to balancing mind and body. I also believe that it should be available to those who seek to practice it in any capacity. My first few classes in a studio were tough for me; I compared myself to every yogi in the room. I strive to create a space that is free of judgement or expectation and create a practice that comes to meet YOU wherever YOU are at this point in YOUR life. Once a practice is established I seek to build on that base to gracefully shed unwanted layers and boldly display the ones that serve you. 

I hope you will allow me to join you on your journey. We'll discover the potential of your mind and body and help guide you toward the goals you've set for yourself. We might even find new goals and aspirations that you didn't know were possible. Now THAT would be inspiring!



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