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Virabhadrasana I

Virabhadrasana I (Warrior Pose I) 

Sanskrit translation: vira - hero | bhadra - friend | asana - pose

Virabhadrasana I (veer-ah-bah-drah-saw-nah) or Warrior 1, is the first of the three warrior poses. The hands overhead represents the emergence from the earth by Virabhadra, a being that was created by Shiva to avenge his wife’s death. The front leg is as close to 90 degrees as possible and the back leg is just as engaged to the point where it could hold weight (I’ve had instructors lay on this leg to prove this point).

Try it!

Position one foot forward and one back, feet are on 'train tracks' meaning not on the same line. Get your stance wide enough so you can bend the front knee as close to 90 degrees as possible while lengthening and strengthening the back leg coming up onto your toes.

Place your hands over head with palms facing each other, fingers spread wide and look up through your hands.


  • Equalize the weight between both feet

  • Torso should not be forward or backward of hips, it should be positioned straight up from the hips

  • Bend your back toes more to raise the heel higher to help strengthen the leg

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