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Vrksasana (tree pose) 

Sanskrit translation: vrksa - tree | asana - pose

Tree pose is near and dear to me in terms of how beautiful it is and how wonderful it feels to express it. The key to this pose, according to Iyengar, is the way we stand and should translate to how we stand through our life. He explains, ''it is better to keep the heel and toe in a line parallel to the median plane and not at an angle". 

Try it!

Starting from standing with feet hip-width apart, pick up a foot and place it either propped up against your inside ankle, the side of your opposite calf, or inside your upper thigh. 

Place your hands at heart center or express a mudra as you can see I am holding the lotus mudra. You can also 'grow your branches' by raising your hands over your head with your palms facing each other or forward


  • Establish a gaze (drishti) by focusing on an unmoving object in front of you

  • Protect your standing knee by not placing your opposite foot on nit

  • Play with your 'branches' by waving your hands gracefully overhead to challenge your balance

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